Relaxed family photo sessions at a location of your choice.

How does it work?

We pick a time and a place, have a great time, and take some epic photos.

I know what it's like trying to get a two year old to eat vegetables, so whatever happens, happens.

Family Package


60 minute session

Either in home or on location


Where should we go?

In home or on location, it's your call. If you've got little ones who are not ready for the wilderness we can make it work at your place. Or there's plenty of great locations around Auckland. Sunsets on the west coast are always a favourite.

How many images do I get?

As many as I can take! I don't limit how many images I deliver to you, but you can expect at least 30-50, and all will delivered in colour and black & white.

They'll be delivered via a private online gallery which you can share with your friends and family, download at full resolution, or order prints.

What if it rains?

We can rebook for bad weather, at no charge. I'll contact you a few days beforehand to discuss the weather and final details, but we can make a call a few hours before on the day if it doesn't look great.